Financial Economics Course 2017



  • This course is intended to provide you with a broad introduction to the field of financial economics.

  • Particularly, it should serve as an introduction to finanial terms and constructs - discussing topics relevant to economists.

  • This includes:

  • Core financial theory

  • Discussions of broad asset classes

  • Constructing portfolios

  • Interpretation and dissemination of financial news



  • Nico Katzke (MComm, Cum Laude; prospective Phd: Quantitative Finance): quantitative analyst, Prescient Securities; consulting financial economist, BER; Lecturer, Stellenbosch University.

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Course Outline

Find the Course Outline here

Bloomberg Terminal

Using Bloomberg

Below follows an outline of what you need to know to access the Bloomberg terminal.
  • Please use this facility to tool up on the highly sought after skill that is fluidness on a Bloomberg terminal.

To access the Bloomberg terminal do the following:

Activate your card on the third floor of the Neels (opposite mr TE Muller’s office there is a litte box next to the door. Hold your card untill light turns green. Do so every two weeks).

Your card is now activated for the terminal (it is now in the Industrial Psychology building - use side entrance. Building 67 here. Enquire inside which venue.

Once in, open up inetkey and the Bloomberg icon. Now create your own Bloomberg login.

Once logged in, there are several educational videos and tutorials for using Bloomberg. Search around on the terminal or ask the Bbg helpdesk what are good sources. Or google of course.

I recommend hitting the Help button twice and then asking help desk your specific question.

Also, use these functions:

SECF (security finder) XLTP (various excel templates) sear …. –> allows you to search terminal. E.g. type: SEAR South Africa GDP

Also see here for some other tips and ideas.

Good luck and enjoy

Course Material



Nico Katzke


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